Fashion Statements – What, Why & How?

Fashion Statements – What, Why & How?

The term “Fashion statement” is defined broadly as fashion that draws attention to the wearer, and more specifically as a piece of clothing or accessory that brings on you as an individual in the spotlight, in addition to what you care about.

Interpretation of fashion statements

Why not phrase a few questions to enhance our understanding of the term fashion statement; Do you wish to express your concern regarding racism? Wear this hoodie that reflects exactly that. Do you want to make a fashion statement for the sake of it? Wear this bright colored dress or tie. By doing as above, you are making a fashion statement. The first person does so by wearing a hoodie that shows concern towards racism, and the second by drawing attention with a bright color that represents a mood, personality or an attitude.

To summarize, you can pull off a fashion statement in a handful of ways, and with a handful of clothes. In the following section, you will be presented with several examples.

Examples of fashion statements

1. We all bleed the same color.

This piece sheds a light on humanity. We all bleed the same color, regardless of the tone of our skin. The trench coat is a good example of making a fashion statement. The wearer wants everybody to reflect on the statement made, and does so by having the big bold font contrast with the red background, perhaps symbolizing blood.

2. Chains

The chains around the model’s neck draws attention, in addition to the dark outfit. The statement being made could be interpreted differently, but it is certain to make one stop and wonder.

3. Contrast, contrast and more contrast

This outfit shouts statements all the way from the light-colored hair at the top to the boots at the bottom. The shorts with the newspaper print is certainly an eye-catcher, and if not symbolizing a political issue, it is guaranteed to turn heads. Furthermore, the long socks, while barely visible, stands out from the outfit due to its color. Speaking of making a statement.

4. Lovers

This outfit, with the purple skirt in contrast to the red fanny pack, will most likely attract attention. The plain hoodie enhances the text´s visibility, which might be a statement made, love.

5. Golf

As we will dig more into later, rules when making fashion statements are almost nonexistent. This includes socks in sandals, which Tyler, The Creator pulls off with great ease.


When making a fashion statement, rules are, as you may see from the examples above, almost nonexistent. Follow your gut when choosing your pieces of clothing, and make sure you feel at least somewhat comfortable in what you are wearing. Maybe you will start a new trend?


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